Family 2013

Family 2013
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sweet deals & Sweet baby


Rocking Horse

Rocking horse (has a shelf for dolls)

High chair

desk with a little shelf for books :)

My little Boo has learned a new phrase. When you ask her to stop doing something her reply with crossed arms and a stern look is "NO! NEBER!" (No , never!) TOOO FUNNY. The first time she did this we laughed so hard. Where do they learn this stuff??

I came across an awesome Mommy buying site awhile ago. Mamabargins :)They sell higher end items,and smart items at awesome savings! Like 50-80% off savings. Plus their customer service is AMAZING. We needed a new stroller and I dreamed of a Phil & Ted but even on Ebay it is almost $300...not happening. I started researching and fell in love with the Red Castle from Europe. It is the Mercedes of strollers :) It glides with a finger..has zippers to adjust the seat, comes with extra seat pads, the handle bar adjusts for height and comfort, and the stroller bar adjusts or comes off. The basket in huge and zip open on the sides to get your stuff! I LOVE IT. Anyhoo Mamabargins had it in Mocha so pretty, for $199 w/free shipping! I checked around and it retails for $600. It also is a jogging stroller if you lock the wheel. It even came with a sunshade and rain cover.

Our latest purchase was the Tri-Chair. This baby is the size of a resturant high chair flips to turn into a rocking horse, and one more flip and it a desk. Stand it back up and it is a high chair! It is a heavy solid piece. Boo LOVES it. Even Bug was using it to do her schoolwork today. I love it so much, I ordered another one today. I know Boo and the new baby will both love them. I figure they will be great desks for schoolwork for the little ones for awhile. Hurry and check it out, they are the deal today! Oh, retail is like $160 and they are only $65 ! Sweet.

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Dawn said...

What a fun little contraption that is!!

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