Family 2013

Family 2013
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tagged !

Thanks Melissa and Erin for tagging me. Some blogland fun. Be prepared to learn riveting things about me.

Naa..not really. I am not that interesting ;)

1~I HATE sticky things. Hate them. All sticky things. Food, glue, icky things, sticky hands. I know being a mom, I am kinda screwed but my kids know not to touch Mommy with sticky hands. My kiddos just roll with it. They know life is easier if Mommy isnt gagging..

2~When I relax or am feeling really tired I cross my pinkey toes over my fourth toe. Sorta like you would cross your fingers. It relaxes me. I practiced it as a child, until I could do it without helping with my hands.

3~ LOVE LOVE my coffee. The smell of coffee brewing before I get up makes me HAPPY. Oh and I love to nap :) then have coffee ;) And I LOVE olives. (green)

4~ I am terrified of flying roaches. Terrified!! I will scream and run like a lunatic if one gets in the house. While trying to kill them, I have had them fly in a panic right into my hair! I seriously thought I would need to be talked down. (here in Florida we have many roaches so seeing a 2 incher outside your door at night is not odd)

5~ LOVE cold weather and being in nature. Love it. A chill in the air makes me smile. I love taking walks with my kids or playing at the park all bundled up. (I live in the wrong state)

6~I hate cigarettes. I hate the smell. And it gives me migraines. I have never even tried a cig. I dont get the attraction at all. But I did enjoy a good party in the day ;)

7~As a child we would regularly pull the car over if we saw an animal in trouble or about to cross the busy road. I did this regularly as an adult ...UNTIL I had my son. Then I was afraid to leave him in the car while outside of it, unless it was a safe area. I had to really think first...I coudnt drive by knowing an animal was about to be ROAD KILL if no one did anything to help. So I did . Helps me to sleep at night :) Oh and my sister and I are those people who give a dollar or a hamburger, to the guys holding the "will work for food" signs. I figure their lives must be pretty sad to have brought them to this spot. So if a dollar or a hamburger lets them know they have value with GOD, and humanity that is ok by me.

Are you still awake? heehee..

I am too sick tonite (coughing and sneezing like crazy) to tag 7 peeps and I think most people have been tagged so I will tag a couple. Feel free to join the tag fun if you havent been tagged :)






Brian and Autumn said...

You are TOTALLY #7! :)

Kimmie said...

I am still trying to figure out how you taught yourself to cross your toes! Hmmm, that is quite a trick.

lol. Congrats on #7...we got down to 5 and got our phone call. We said yes to our referral on Monday.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Momma said...

that toe thing cracks me up! I have no idea how you do that. and my son hates to be dirty. it is very weird. if there is ANYTHING on his hands and will come to me and have me wipe it off.

what a fun tag!! I will do it this weekend! :)

Kendra said...

Remember all the pics of Bug holding all sorts of insects and little critters.... I believe that you will be getting a box soon with all sorts of sticky things in it for your kiddos to play with.. Oh what fun this will be.

Melissa said...

Love the share! Thanks for the info and the toe thing has me wondering :)

#7 AHHHHHHHH soooo close!

Maria and Family said...


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