Family 2013

Family 2013
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ER trips & Rock the vote

Family voting day

Boo built this tower all by herself

Then it crashed, and she wasn't happy.

I just saw I was tagged by Erin. Thanks :) I will get to it soon.

In Florida early voting started yesterday Oct. 20. I think early voting is a wonderful gift. Life is crazy and having a couple weeks to get you tush down and vote is wonderful. We all went down today. The line was about 45 mins , not to bad and the kids were great. They all got their "I VOTED" stickers. GO VOTE early. Make sure your vote is counted !! Dont leave it to the last day, it is too important.

Sweet Abby is struggling again. She is back in the hospital with a high fever which is due to her Chemo. It really takes a toll on her little body. PLEASE pray for her body to be strong and fight the chemo side effects. Please pray she is well very soon. HUGS sweet baby.

We had our own ER visit Sunday morning. I know how lucky we are this will pass quickly. I ache for Michelle and Brent , Abbys parents. The pain of seeing your child glassy eyed and hooked up to things is awful. I cant imagine how hard this is for them. They have such faith in the Lord it is amazing. Everyone here is sick. My son, Bug and I are all on antibiotics. Some kind of chest thing for my son and I but Bug has a bacterial infection and vomited all day Saturday , thru the night and by Sunday was so weak she couldnt stand. Every little spoonful of liquid I gave her came up every 25 mins. It was awful. So off we went to the ER. This poor baby gets so sick. They quickly gave her 2 iv's and an anti-nausea medication and something for her fever. They also did an x-ray of her tummy since she was in so much pain. Thankfully no blockages but lots of inflammation. After several hours and lots of fluids we went home and she slept peacefully ALL day. Now Boo is coughing. Hoping she doesnt get the cootie too :)


Debbie said...

So sorry to hear that you have a bug going through your house. I hope everyone feels better very soon.

Early voting has been going on here in Illinois for a couple weeks. Since we're going to be out of state on election day, we went last Saturday and cast our vote. What a great feeling!!!

Momma said...

i really want to early vote with our move and all but they don't have it here!!!! it's very frustrating!

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